Tips from Construction Restoration Experts

Take These Steps to Minimize Fire Damage in Your Property

When people think about restoring a fire-damaged property, they usually think about calling a company that specializes in construction restoration and getting their help. But, while taking these steps is important, you shouldn’t stop there! As soon as you’ve booked an appointment with the pros, you should also take the following steps:

Ventilate the area.

Once you’re given the all-clear to re-enter your house, make sure to open all doors and windows right away. If you have skylights in any part of the property, open them as well. By doing so, you can get smoke and other harmful particles out of your home and prevent further damage.

Get undamaged items out of the house.

Locate furniture, appliances, and other items that haven’t been damaged by fire, smoke, and water and remove them from the property ASAP. This way, they won’t be exposed to debris and particles during the cleanup process and you’ll still be able to use them once the restoration process is complete. If you have undamaged furniture or appliances that are too heavy to lift and remove, cover them with plastic sheets to protect them from damage. Make sure that the plastic sheets are properly secured and that they won’t be easily pulled off.

Avoid using your electrical system.

Even if the fire damage looks relatively minor, there’s no way to tell exactly how it has affected your property’s electrical system. So, to stay on the safe side, it’s best to avoid switching on your lights and plugging anything into outlets before your property has been thoroughly inspected by a certified electrician.

Use these tips to minimize fire damage in your home! If you’d like to get more tips, or if you’re still looking for the right property restoration experts to hire, make sure to call All American Construction. We are based in Fresno, CA, and we restore properties that have incurred fire, smoke, and water damage. Learn more about our construction restoration services by getting in touch with us at (559) 291-7006!