The Reliable Fire and Water Damage Cleanup for Your Property

A flood can be a disaster. Most of the homeowners immediately think that they will have to pay a lot of money for the damage done by the fire in their properties, and they are probably right. The same goes for water damage.All American Construction is here to help you with the restoration. We are located in Fresno, CA, and we are able to provide every client that wishes to hire us with the following quality, and, at the same time, very affordable services, such as:

Dependable Water Damage Restoration

Dependable Water Damage Restoration

Residential water damage restoration. At affordable prices, we are a team of professionals who have a unique way of working and accomplishing every project. We come to your property and repair the damage in a way that you will not be able to tell if you had a disaster at your home or not. Using the most professional methods and tools for every job that we take on, we make sure every detail has been repaired with the necessary attention. We are able to provide you even with the emergency water damage restoration service that you might need, in order to repair the damage quickly, avoiding further expenses.

Commercial water damage restoration service. Just like our residential clients, our commercial clients are able to take advantage of our professional water damage repair service. We are able to come to your business building, take a closer look at what exactly is damaged, and simply get down to business.

Fire and water damage cleanup. If you had a fire or water disaster recently, you definitely need someone to clean this mess, right? Of course, you do. That is why we are here to help you.

We want to be your residential or commercial restoration company. Contact All American Construction at (559) 291-7006, we also serve the Tarpey, CA areas.