Just Had a Flash Fire in Your Kitchen?

Just Had a Flash Fire in Your Kitchen?  

What to Do Before and After Any Fire Damage Restoration Is Done

After any type of house fire situation, your main priority needs to be safety. Electrical and slip hazards are just some of the prevalent worries. Only do things which are safe to perform and remember that any wet materials are usually extremely heavy, so be careful if you are planning any fire damage restoration projects.

What you can do after a fire

Try to limit any movement within your home. This will stop soot particles from getting into your carpets and upholstery. Keep your hands clean, so if you touch anything it will not leave a stain. Put clean towels on rugs, carpets, and upholstery. If your electricity is off, remember to empty your freezer and refrigerator, and leave their doors slightly open. Clean and protect anything chrome, using a layer of oil or petroleum jelly. Wash any plants on either side, change your HVAC filters, and place double layers of cheesecloth over your air registers.

What you should not do after a fire

Don’t try to wash walls or painted surfaces, or to shampoo your carpets and upholstery, without first speaking to a professional fire damage restoration service provider. Never try to clean electrical appliances which were close to or were damaged by the fire. Never use any canned goods or beverages that were too close to the fire, do not switch on any ceiling fixtures if you ceiling is still wet. Your wiring could be damaged. Also, never send any clothing to an ordinary dry cleaner.

Once the fire trucks have left, your home will be suffering from fire and smoke damage, in addition to water damage resulting from the fire-fighters. Before you do anything, call us. We, at All American Construction, have the specialized training required to restore your home.

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