Fire Damage Restoration Service Tips for Homeowners

Just Had a Fire in Your Kitchen?  

Smoke damage after a fire can be not only frustrating but hard to remove. This is because the characteristics of smoke damage are soot and blistering, not to mention the smoky odor permeating throughout your home. There are various fire damage restoration service companies available that can handle the cleaning and odor removal for you, however, they can be somewhat expensive, and should you be unfortunate enough not to have homeowners or renters insurance, then it will fall on you. Should this be the case for you, there are a few things you can do after you have suffered a fire in your home.

During a fire, any drywall present will absorb the smoke, this is what causes the smoky odor to linger long after the fire has been put out. In order to remove this odor, you will need to replace all the drywall affected. While this is being done, you need to inspect your insulation also, as this too may have absorbed the smoke. Other areas such as ceiling tiles, rafters and beams may need to be replaced too due to smoke damage.

Soot on walls that have been painted with semi or high-gloss paint can be removed very easily. However, on walls where the paint is flat or matt will take slightly more effort to remove. To remove soot you will need TSP, mixed with some warm water. After which you will need to scrub your walls with the solution, make sure when you do this that you are wearing goggles and gloves.

Bubbles or blisters in paint is another side effect of smoke damage, this is due to the extreme heat of the fire. It can be repaired by scraping the bubbles or blisters off and sanding it down until smooth again. Then you will need to use spackle to fill in any holes and leave it to dry. Once dry, sand down the spackled area again and touch it up with paint. If you are in dire need of a professional fire damage restoration service, then you need to call All American Construction in Fresno, CA now at (559) 291-7006.