Causes of Domestic Fires by the Numbers

Causes of Domestic Fires by the Numbers  

Which Are the Most Common Cases When Fire Damage Restoration Is Needed

No matter how cautious we are when it comes to the security of your property fire or water damage may appear unexpectedly. In order to protect you from the damage a potential home fire will cause and help you avoid booking fire damage restoration services, we have decided to enlist the most common reasons for the occurrence of such fires as well as some tips on how to prevent such accidents.

  • About 6% of the home fires occurred as a result of a smoker who did not completely put out his cigarette butt and left it unattended in the ashtray. If you are a smoker yourself, be extra cautious next time when you take a cigarette break.

  • Another 2% of the fires were caused by candles left unattended or children playing with lighters, matches or other objects which create sparkles or have the ability to ignite.

  • Heating systems, as well as non-electric fireplaces which were clogged or needed some maintenance, provoked another 14% of the fire accidents in Fresno, CA.

  • Surprisingly, 18% of the accidents came from arsons, some of which caused by homeowners seeking for insurance compensations to cover their next home remodeling costs.

  • Electrical failures and general wiring and electrical system problems are blamed for 20% of the accidents related to fire damage. Most of the people who got injured and hospitalized as a result of such accidents suffered electrocutions.

  • And most commonly fires appear in the process of cooking. Nearly 40% of the local homeowners admit that they had to book a fire damage restoration service and remodel their kitchen after an accident in the cooking area. Most of those accidents happened as a result of their own negligence and they were not eligible for a property or a personal injury compensation.

If you are currently in need of a fire damage restoration specialist yourself, do not leave it for tomorrow. The first 24 to 48 hours after the accident are the most crucial, so the sooner you hire an expert, the fewer repair costs you will have to pay. Call All American Construction at (559) 291-7006 for more details about the formalities in such situations. We are experts in post accidental home remodeling and know well what action plan to recommend for you!